The Company


Pivotal Brackets manufactures in New Zealand and imports from overseas a full range of brackets, supports and mounts for all types and brands of audio visual equipment.

At every step in that process we are driven to achieve excellence, not only what is required but also what is expected of a leader.  

Pivotal Brackets will constantly strive to be the number one in our market by creating superior customer value. Our business success is dependent on trusting relationships.  Our reputation is founded on our dedication to: 

Quality in our products and services. 

Responsibility for our words and actions. 

Service to our customers and their clients.


Pivotal Brackets commitment to customers 

We have a commitment to best suit our customers needs. In order to achieve this we pride ourselves on being customer driven.   

Pivotal Brackets products include:

  • Television brackets wall, cantilever arm, floor stands and ceiling mounts. 
  • Video & DVD brackets 
  • Projector brackets
  • All models Decoder supports  
  • All models Speaker mounts  Small to medium size   
  • Computer monitor brackets for desk and wall mounting.

 Why recommend a Pivotal Bracket

It works

Create customer value

We will constantly strive to be the number one choice in our market by creating superior customer value.
To achieve this goal we will: 

Focus on value
We will ensure that the customer will receive superior value with every transaction.
Compete on value, not price
Price is only one element of value. Other elements include quality and servicewe concentrate on doing it right first time and doing it better.

Make our customers successful 
Pivotal Brackets follows the philosophy that if our customers win then we will win. We want to know who our customers are, build relationships with them,increase their sales with referrals and become an essential part of their business. 
Reduce the costs
Cost includes the price of goods, the time and effort to buy, nuisance events such as out of stock or faulty delivery and so on. We will continually seek ways to reduce the overall cost to customers of a transaction.  

Seek a better way
Continuous improvement and innovation are not optional; rather they are an essential element of being, and staying, successful.   


Pivotal Brackets is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining the highest standard of ethics in all of its activities. We seekpartners that share our commitment to the promotion of best practices and continuous improvement in:

Minimizing our impact on the environment
Being a good corporate citizen
Management practises that recognise the dignity of the individual, the rights of free association, and the right to a work place free of harassment.
The principle that decisions are based solely on the ability of the individual to do the job.